The simple solution for a trendy garden !

With My Solar Garden, Zest revolutionizes
the photovoltaic market

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My Solar Garden
My Solar Garden

What if we started living again in harmony with our environment?

Our company imagines, designs and realizes intelligent and connected solutions allowing the production and management of electricity in our daily life.

Our products rely to a simple and effective way to access to energy, water or internet connection, while respecting our environment.

Our ambition is to ensure that the development of human activities is possible on our planet while respecting our environment.

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The easy solar panel !


No more installer or electrician, My Solar Garden is ready in just 3 hours in your garden and plugs into a simple domestic outlet.


Once plugged in, My Solar Garden captures the energy of the sun and allows you to use it immediately for your daily use.

Then, you follow your production and consumption in real time via our mobile application.

With My Solar Garden you save up to 40% on your energy bill.


With My Solar Garden, you make an immediate gesture for the planet !



My Solar Garden adapts to all types of needs