With My Solar Garden, help your customers to get involved easily for the planet !

You are a seller of swimming pool, a builder of individual houses, a developer in real estate ?

With My Solar Garden, add a sustainable development aspect to your offer.

My Solar Garden is solar panels very easily installed on the ground. Once mounted and connected to your customers' electricity network through a household outlet, they consume directly the energy produced by the solar panels.

Instantly, these 4 solar panels produce the equivalent of the energy consumption of a pool or several desktop computers over a year.

For more information, please look at My Solar Garden technical Sheet

My Solar Garden revendeurs


We propose you to set up a commercial partnership that will allow you to resell My Solar Garden.
Without a volume commitment, you buy what you sell.

Your customers will benefit from all the follow-up of our technical assistance.

Our team is standing
at your disposal

BY PHONE : ( non-premium call )

Do not hesitate, with My Solar Garden,
give your customers the opportunity to commit for the Planet !